Dr Poonam, Second Edit. August 5th, 2019.


The following is the outline of the shoot on Saturday.

I think if we split the shoots up into 2 key segments;
1) session of you at StJohn of God;
A) walking into hospital
B) meeting patients
C) cuddling babies
D) Any other job task related activity undertaken at SJOG

2) street view-Drone prior to 8am

A) video walk through of your offices/ rooms

B) Patient session at your suites/ offices in BERWICK

C) Interview with you-what sets you apart, why patients should come to you

D) Showcase your suites, you in a patient appointment

Starting at 9am at StJohn of God for 1-1.5hrs then heading over to your suites at around 10am to film your interview and the balance of the footage/ images required.

Updated Wednesday June 12th, 2019


At CLARISSE STUDIOS we create strong branding content with our business partners.

We believe the relationship with key branding experts in your business is the fundamental difference in delivering not just great video and photo content, but creating deliverable branding content that appeals to your ideal target market, I believe that this will aid to maximise your lead generation opportunity.

We work across a selection of specific genres to convey strong branding messages with our partners.

The detail is in the content, the hook is in the process and with 25% of Obstetricians in Berwick not having a website and fewer with social media accounts, there’s a solid base and reason to create content that would give you a clear advantage.

I believe local is where the heart is and I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to work with some truly talented businesses based in the Casey/ Cardinia locality.

The following video is a short video for the New York Barbers team in November 2018 as part of the launch of their new, bigger, better and industry leading new retail space in Adam’s Lane Berwick.



Create some buzz and awareness around your business, your service and your point of difference to your competitors. Give people a reason why they should enquire with you.

Create a landing page on your website that feels welcoming, warm and inviting which you have, but there’s an opportunity to add some ‘action’ or imagery of you with a family or newborn.

I think creating video content that has you verbalising a lot of the content already on your website is a great starter with some ‘action’ scenes of you.



Your key messages/ points to convey are done in an interview style with cuts back to more action shots of you, show casing your premises, suites, staff, any other critical items that you may wish to include.

The following example is a recent collective of videos we created for a cluster of schools in Melbourne’s north.


Production plan & detail

Create a brief with all of the must have’s you’d like in this video. Formulate a project list which we’ll use as the basis for the video.

Set aside 2 hours to film the interview content.

A further 2 hours to film action shots, the rooms, space. Your reception area is a critical space to showcase your receptionist, create a familiar link between visitors to your site and when they first walk into your building. Some drone footage of your locality may help place where you are in the community.


To be pre-arranged between Mark and Dr Poonam.


This video is a short clip I created for a Berwick based Social Media Company.


Two key videos will be supplied.

  1. A longer full featured 2 minute video (for website use and Facebook)

  2. A shorter 0.59 second highlight clip (Instagram and Stories based content)

  3. 10 shorter videos showcasing your offices, location, your areas of speciality will also be supplied

  4. 10 photos for use on social media and website will be supplied in web-sized resolution

The first cut of the videos will be made available within 10 days of the day of filming.

  • 2 rounds of edits

  • The final 2 clips finalised within 4 weeks of the conclusion of filming

  • access will be via an online download

All video clips will be supplied for use on your website and social media accounts.

Here’s a general branding video I created for one of my long term partners.




The total investment is based on a half day/ up to 4 hours of filming on location with full lighting across videos and some photos. A seperate editor dedicated to the construction of the edit is inclusive of full colour-grade, audio enhancement with accompanying licensed music. All delivered online for hi resolution download in 1080p approximately 4 weeks after the shoot date.

I look forward to being able to assist you in delivering an exceptional educational video to your current client base but more importantly attracting new clients to your pages and generate additional interest.

Thanks Mark



Date: 4th April 2019