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Create some buzz around the LOWE Seaford property.

  • Exterior shots - avge 9 (3 front, 3 rear and overhead-drone of front, back and (if required) entire property)

  • Interior shots - 2 angles per room, 4 living

  • Shoots run for 1 hr ideally 2 hrs prior to sunset. I photograph the interior first, then exterior at dusk

  • I don’t normally provide raw images as there is a considerable amount of editing after the fact, but happy to supply if required

  • On average I supply 25-30 images in an online gallery which you can download in full resolution or low resolution or both

  • Add grass

  • Convert sky to blue sky

  • Add suitable fridge in kitchen

  • Light vegetation to fences

  • Flames in fireplaces

  • Tv hung on wall

  • Water in pool

  • Garage doors closed

  • Avoid blank wall space-tunnel vision shots

  • No stretching of walls, items of furniture or object




Production plan & detail

Sunset on May 9th, 2019 is 5:23pm

Arrive at the location at 4pm

Photograph the interior 45 mins

Photograph the exterior 15 mins

Gallery is uploaded to my editor that evening and returned to me by the end of business the following day. I fine-tune and upload to the online gallery for your access for 9am the next day.



Approximately 25-30 fully edited images for a standard 3 bed, 2 car, 2 bath property are supplied via online gallery within 2 business days of the shoot.

This is for a standard 2 car garage, 3 bedrooms, Bath and Ensuite, Living space, Office, small front and rear yard.

A proper understanding of LOWE’S project outline supported by high communication regarding the number of ultra wide frames vs standard frames is critical in delivering a gallery that sits within its requirements is essential.




The total investment is based on 1 hour on location with approximately 30 fully edited images made available 2 business days after the shoot via online gallery download.

I look forward to being able to assist LOWE in delivering an exceptional visual example of the new Seaford property.

Kind regards

Thanks Mark


Date: 17th April 2019