2019 Tourism Conference

2019 Tourism Conference

Completed videos for the 2019 VTIC Conference



At CLARISSE STUDIOS we create strong branding content with our business partners.

We believe the relationship with key branding experts in your business is the fundamental difference in delivering not just great video content, but creating deliverable branding content that appeals to your ideal target market to maximise your lead generation opportunity. We work across a selection of specific genres to convey strong branding messages with our partners.

The detail is in the content, the hook is in the process.



Create some buzz around VTIC and the wider tourism body’s upcoming events and showcase what a fantastic event the annual tourism conference is. It’s a great piece to help summarise this years event, but also helps with creating excitement and momentum for next years. Showcasing the key take aways from this years event is an approach that would separate it from past conferences via a mix of testimonials from attendees and keynote speakers.

The following examples are indicative of videos to be create with a relevant local feel.



With the input of the key VTIC conference organisers, recording the keynote speakers throughout the event and with the major attractions on Geelong featured in the footage. The summary of the conference would be presented in 2 videos a 0.59 sec summation of the 2 days with video clips and images. Then a longer 5-8 minute feature on the VTIC website.


Production plan & detail

1 full day in advance of the conference to gather local footage to showcase the Geelong area and attractions prior to the conference days commencing, during breaks and lunch sessions.


July 17th and 18th-inclusive of a full day prior, existing footage from the region, until the conclusion of the awards ceremony at the dinner.

1 x A camera on each of the guest speakers recording their full presentation, with a second camera capturing a different angle to cut away to throughout.

1 x Audio device recording the keynotes.

The on Camera microphones capturing the audience participation, environmental sounds.

Key frames will include crowd reactions, breakouts, close ups of the action/ doing portion of the sessions, location, the wider group, a focus on Geelong to showcase why it was awarded the honour of hosting the 2019 conference event.

Essentially the video is an add on to the photography delivered.


Branding videos that not only deliver a verbal message but actions, location and the uniqueness of the offer is critical in the final delivery.




6 videos will be supplied.

  1. A longer full featured 3 minute feature video of the full event (for website use and Facebook)

  2. A shorter 15 second highlight/ teaser clip (Instagram and Stories based content in 9:16 format)

The first cut of the videos will be made available within 10 days of the day of filming.

  • 2 rounds of edits

  • The final 6 videos finalised within 4 weeks of the conclusion of filming with the student awards shot prior to the conference and placed in the final conference video’s

  • access will be via an online download

  • All b-roll and content from the conference will be supplied in full for marketing purposes to assist with marketing for the 2020 conference


Full 2 days coverage from the commencement of day one until the conclusion of the awards ceremony.

  1. Key focusses on the Geelong location

  2. Keynote speakers presentations

  3. Breakout sessions

  4. Activities, Actions, group involvement




$2,000 Photography (as per previous years with additional photos taken at the student awards presentation)

$6,000 Videography/ Cinematography (full 2.5 days of the conference, a full day of filming B-Roll prior to the Conference with the addition of the student awards presentations prior to the conference also filmed and added to the finished piece)

The total investment is based on 2.5 full days of filming on location at GMHBA Stadium, The Pier for the official dinner and a full days shooting b-roll in Geelong/ Bellarine Peninsula. A seperate editor dedicated to the construction of the edit, inclusive of full colour-grade, audio enhancement with accompanying licensed music. All delivered online for hi resolution download in 1080p approximately 4 weeks after the shoot date.

The Initial draft 10 days after the conference will be shown to VTIC for specific edit requests in person.

I look forward to being able to assist VTIC in delivering an exceptional content-rich conference and set the benchmark for tourism conferences in the future.

Thanks Mark



Latest Update: 29th May 2019